To find out if we accept your insurance plan, contact the New Patient Referral Office at 916-703-5210 or 800-362-5566.

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center is committed to working with you, your doctors and your insurance provider to make sure you have full access to all the services that we can provide.

UC Davis Medical Center accepts many private and public insurance plans, including Medicare. Please contact the New Patient Referral Office at 916-703-5210 or 800-362-5566 to find out if we accept your insurance plan.

If your health plan will not pay for treatment at UC Davis, we suggest you ask the company to pay for a second opinion or consultation at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. Consultation appointments are also available at your own expense.


For billing questions, contact Patient Financial Services at 916-734-9200 or 800-551-9411.

Patients at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center receive separate bills: one for doctors’  fees and separate bills for clinic and/or hospital charges. Doctors’ fees are billed by an office called the UC Davis Professional Billing Group. Clinic charges are billed by UC Davis Medical Center.

The patient’s HMO or health insurance plan (including Medicare or Medi-Cal) is billed first.  Any charges not paid by your HMO or insurance carrier are the patient’s responsibility.  Please be prepared to bring any co-payment required by your insurance.

For billing questions, please contact:

Patient Financial Services
916-734-9200 or 800-551-9411
Monday - Friday  8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Getting cancer treatment can be a financial burden. There are resources available to help with the costs. Patients with cancer may be eligible to receive disability benefits.

State Disability Insurance can help qualifying patients for up to one year. Long-term disability through Social Security is for patients who are not able to return to work after one year. It can take a number of months to review and approve social security disability applications. Because of this, we recommend you start a social security disability claim about six months into your disability so that long-term disability can start as your state disability ends and you do not have to go without income.

The State Disability Office (EDD) telephone number is 800-480-3287 (for English) or 866-658-8846 (for Spanish). You can file a claim for State Disability Insurance online. Submit forms online, and view claim information online.

To register, visit: »

For help or questions regarding Disability Forms, please discuss with your care team at the Cancer Center.

Social security disability (long term disability)

Family medical leave of California