UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center houses the adult and pediatric oncology clinics as well and radiation oncology services. View patient clinic contact numbers.

Other clinical services available to patients of the Cancer Center:

Adult Infusion Centers and Pediatric Infusion Centers

Our infusion centers are staffed by nurses—many of whom are specially certified in oncology care, with expertise in adult cancers. Services include chemotherapy, blood transfusions, intravenous fluid and drug therapies, therapeutic phlebotomies and central-line management.

Genetic counseling

Experts of the Hereditary Cancer Program help individuals determine cancer risk using genetic tests and offer recommendations for screening and risk reduction.

Laboratory services

The lab is located on the main floor of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center's South Building. No appointments are necessary. For the convenience of our patients, lab tests ordered by doctors outside the cancer center can also be handled here. If you have questions about any specific instructions regarding a lab test, such as whether to fast before a test, please ask your doctor or nurse.

Oncology pharmacy services

We offer multiple pharmacy options throughout the health system, including inpatient (infusions) and outpatient (oral medication) pharmacies staffed by pharmacists who specialize in oncology medications and infusions. Some patients may qualify for home delivery of oral medication through the Specialty Oncology Program Service.

Medical interpreting

We have medical interpreters on staff who can serve patients in 21 languages and dialects.

In-home care services and respite care

Community organizations provide vital support services, which include bathing, cooking, errand running and other services.