Improving the lives of patients everywhere

Breakthroughs that address the health challenges facing our world are at the core of our mission to discover and share knowledge to advance health. UC Davis conducts more than 1,000 research studies annually, including basic science, translational and clinical trial research — all with the goal of bringing new, effective and safe treatments to patients more quickly.

The communities we serve help us achieve our goals by volunteering to participate in research studies that could lead to new and improved treatments. In addition, UC Davis encourages diversity in its clinical trial enrollments since the effects of diseases or conditions can vary with age, race and ethnicity.

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a research project conducted with men, women or children to determine if an investigational drug, device or procedure is safe and effective. Some other words that describe clinical research are study, protocol, survey or experiment.

Be informed

The Frequently Asked Questions and answers will provide you with basic information about clinical trials and how you can participate. It is important to be fully informed about the trial and everything that is known about the benefits and risks of the research. In addition, it may be helpful to discuss clinical trial participation with your physician, family members, or friends before making a decision.

The benefit of experience

When you choose UC Davis for clinical trials, you can be assured you will be involved in the most cutting-edge research at an institution known for its quality of care and personal attention.

Our experienced, board-certified physician researchers collaborate with our campus laboratory scientists to stay abreast of the most recent developments in bench-to-bedside research, giving you access to the very latest medical advances.

Search clinical trials

For links to searchable lists of clinical research studies, please visit this page.